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Manifest Your Next Big Client!

Are you excited to make a difference but just feel like the people who desperately need your help don’t know you exist?  

Do you find yourself “hustling” in your business but nothing seems to convert the way you want it to?  


Begins Monday, September 9!  

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The 5 Day Challenge Starts In...


This Free 5 Day Challenge will give you: 5 days of structured accountability w/ Strategy Coach, Megan McCann Proven strategy to grow your business and attract new clients Guided mentorship + group accountability to LEVEL-UP your biz Ways to generate new revenue in your business

5 Part Method: How to HAVE FUN manifesting soulmate clients into your business. 

The tools to manifest unexpected income in your business by attracting new clients.

Develop your strategy so that attracting clients can actually be much more simple than you're currently making it.


Here’s what some of my clients have manifested

"When I first started working with Megan, I was just beginning to grow my coaching business. I didn’t have a brand nor was I making any income! I also didn’t have a clue what kind of content I wanted to create. Megan skillfully helped me figure out who my client was and how to market myself. Within the first year of working with her, I enrolled 8 private clients and was making around $10,000 a month! Since then, I’ve also created a group coaching curriculum. Megan is great at helping you find YOUR OWN VOICE! I’d recommend anyone to work with her!"

-Pirie Grossman, TedEx Speaker, Coach, Enrepreneur

"Megan has an exceptional gift. She can extract your true purpose and help you monetize it in a way that is aligned with your lifestyle and goals. Her systematic approach enabled me to launch my online business in 2 months and create a passive income stream so that I can help more people, still have time with my kids, and maximize my earning potential. My very first challenge I registered 130 people and have grown my online community substantially."

- Jennifer Ludington, Online Fitness Guru  

"Working with Megan breathed new life into my business. I was stuck and needed help getting out of a rut. Within days of my first meeting with Megan, I had a TV appearance, planned a workshop (that sold-out) and felt re-energized. She helped me to get my ideas organized so I could get results. She gently, yet effectively, held me accountable for my dreams so that I could manifest them into reality. Thank you, Megan, for helping me cultivate and own my magic."

- Elizabeth Glenn Howell, Speaker, Coach, Healer  

Your Host, Megan McCann…

I am a Business Strategy Coach for female entrepeneurs who want to make more money in their business with less time and effort.

From 2008-2011, after being laid off countless times and 6 figures in debt, I made it to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar nutrition company. After this experience, I learned that my zone of genius is empowering female entrepreneurs to build wildly successful businesses that makes an impact.

I work with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, intuitive healers, speakers, authors, and other creatives, and give them the tools to increase their value, make more money with less effort, and gain the mindset tactics to find balance in the spiritual and successful realms of their life and business.

I am also the Co-Founder of Soul Success, bringing together today's most influential female entrepreneurs from all over the world. "We Rise Together".